A world class website development & design media division, Chillies Internet (PTY) Ltd, was launched during 1999 in Bloemfontein (Free State – Mangaung “Thabure”) and has expanded to Pretoria, Midrand & Johannesburg (Gauteng & Tshwane) regions in response to the demand for quality interactive website software solutions & internet hosting services, thereby complementing traditional communication tools.

We design and develop tailor-made digital website & software solutions to improve your business performance. Through creative relevance we strive to enhance the professionalism, independence and earnings of our clients.

At Chillies we believe in recruiting the best of the best and therefore all our programmers (developers), designers, journalists & consultants will ensure that whatever the challenge, we will deliver! As a results-driven agency we review and analyze performance no matter what the project. From analyzing statistics and investigating whether an online banner campaign is delivering traffic, to observing site visitors and increased usability, we use web measurement tools to consult our clients on further enhancement of their websites.

Send BULK SMS & MMS text or image messages to communicate instantly with an individual or bulk groups via PACO SMS Solutions or your website backend developed by CHILLIES , by using our “Email to SMS” & or “Http to SMS” Software SMS & MMS platforms. BULK SMS & MMS messaging is the best possible medium that can be used to enable instantaneous BULK SMS & MMS notification of a targeted individual or bulk groups anywhere in the world & also be able to receive incoming SMS & MMS replies to an inbox on your PACO SMS profile or on your own website developed by CHILLIES.

Some of our services:

  • Website Internet & Intranet Software Developments & Graphic Designs
  • Multimedia Flash Presentations
  • SEO (Search Engine Optimisation)
  • Vodacom/Vodafone 3G WirelessInternet
  • ADSL Internet
  • Website Hosting & Domains Registration
  • Bulk SMS & MMS Gateway
  • CRM & CMS Solutions
  • E-commerce & Online Shopping
  • E-newsletters
  • Eye Tracker
  • Platforms: ASP | ASP.NET | Javascript | Macromedia Flash | Adobe Photoshop

For more information visit www.chillies.co.za